Typical Day At Home

October 27, 2021 Family

Photodiary of Claire and Tiffany hanging out at home during the covid period. Capturing the naughty acts and mischief of the 2 kids. They are in a love and hate relationship with endless fighting over toys yet long for each other to cahoots into mischievous plans and acts.

Home cooked food is always unappetizing

Lunch and dinner is always such a big struggle for us, from fierce scolding to punishing using canes till giving in with sweet food. Everyday is such a torture to get through meal times. Having the kids constant pestering for snack all day as a result of a full stomach during proper meal times is a vicious cycle we cant seem to escape out. We are in a deadlock as we need to work and had to put an end to their pestering amid meetings.

Cooking up a feast.
Under the table is such a playground
Daily affairs
Sisterly love
Bubbles fun!
growing up
Going out is just void deck

Fairy lights
batteries are more interesting than the lights

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