Typical Day at home with 1 year old Claire

March 11, 2019 Family
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Photodiary of a typical day at home with 1 year old, Claire. You get a sneak preview of her from the moment when she opens her eyes from her deep sleep and her adventures and struggles at home through out the day into the night.

Wake-y Wake-y
Why is she still in the cot?
Emotional when being put into a playpen
Door is opened!
Doesn’t know how to go out of the playpen!
Got some help out finally~
Meal time!
Taking small steps
Yet another one
Lucky day outing with Papa!
Afternoon nap
Reading time
Rock Star in the making.
Clap Hands talent unlocked!
Fave tasteless biscuit
Ah. Itchy~
Carry me please!
Jail breaking attempt
Walking exercise
First taste of Apple
What? It’s night time already?

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