Looking back in 2021

January 16, 2022 Family

Looking back in year 2021, Claire spend quite a few months at home as her preschool has quite a high number of covid-19 cases. In addition, our neighborhood is also a red zone for high number of covid-19 cases. Hence, we kept her at home. Tiffany is both happy and sad to see her sister at home playing and fighting with her.

Lapland & Helsinki, Finland

December 11, 2017 Travel

Lapland, Finland Finnish Lapland is as close as reality gets to those who dream of a winter wonderland. Reindeer Ride Reindeer sleigh rides are a popular way to get close to the fabled animal. Eco-friendly holiday activity at its best, the sleigh ride is not a tourism industry innovation, but an ancient Sámi way of getting around. Speeds stay moderate, which makes them suitable for all ages. A reindeer ride is rather something of a spiritual journey; gliding through aRead More

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