NZ Jucy’s Compass Review

April 17, 2019 Blog

When we first received the Compass at the airport, it was obviously cleaned and very well maintained by Juicy. Hence, I would definitely recommend anyone to rent from this car rental company.

Upon the receival of Compass, the Juicy staff gives an introduction to the campervan and its usage. So don’t worry, you won’t be left alone to figure out how to set up the bed, or the penthouse, etc.

This is the interior daytime look of Compass. There are storage compartments in the 2 rows of seats on the sides however, they are fully used to keep the pillows and blankets, etc.

There is a 2 seater backseats behind which we never open and use. It was permanently closed in this state. A little standing space before the bed/tables. A double bed penthouse on top that can sleep another 2 pax.

We drove around the island with the Compass in the bed position. The fact is, WE ARE LAZY to change it back. It was hard to climb up to the bed because the height space was really small. We hide our luggage underneath the bed in the center (a.k.a the leg space when Compass in daytime style). We brought along a wire hooked on the 2 side handles to hang our clothes.

Some space to keep our bags.

A kettle, a fridge, gas stove, cultery, sink, pots, chopping board all for your cooking and washing use which we only boil water for cup noodles. 2 tubes for refilling of water and drainage of dirty water.

We use the toilet at the petrol station and at the various camping ground hence, there was no desperate need to use the potty available in Compass, thankfully. The potty was hidden in one of the storage.

Compass is a fully self-contained campervan. It does not have heating facility, recommended for Summer use only. As you can see, there are really not much space, but this is essentially the campervan experience.

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