CNY at the Playground

February 4, 2022 Family

Enjoying time at the playground around the neighborhood in Toa Payoh. Kids having tremendous fun at the playground during Chinese New Year. Due to the covid-19 restriction, the family has little to no visiting, hence, we decided to bring the kids out to have some outdoor fun!

Call me helicopter parents but I like her timid character. She doesn’t like running kids at the playground, she get worried if the running kids will bump into her and caused her injuries.

This little big sister is learning to help to take care of her younger sister. But when it comes to playground, taking care of her younger sister is out of her mind. Play comes first, taking care of sister comes later. haha.. Also, love her cute posture with 2 fingers at the side of her face.

One of the first few exposure of playground to 20th month old Tiffany. Getting used to sitting on the swing alone without adults carrying her on the swing. She is a little adventurous and daring girl whom likes to push her luck further to see how far can she go.

Going up even higher this round reaching new heights.

Energy level is lower for the little one. It’s time to call for a day and go home.

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