CNY at the Playground

February 4, 2022 Family

Enjoying time at the playground around the neighborhood in Toa Payoh. Kids having tremendous fun at the playground during Chinese New Year. Due to the covid-19 restriction, the family has little to no visiting, hence, we decided to bring the kids out to have some outdoor fun! Call me helicopter parents but I like her timid character. She doesn’t like running kids at the playground, she get worried if the running kids will bump into her and caused her injuries.Read More

Looking back in 2021

January 16, 2022 Family

Looking back in year 2021, Claire spend quite a few months at home as her preschool has quite a high number of covid-19 cases. In addition, our neighborhood is also a red zone for high number of covid-19 cases. Hence, we kept her at home. Tiffany is both happy and sad to see her sister at home playing and fighting with her.

Typical Day At Home

October 27, 2021 Family

Photodiary of Claire and Tiffany hanging out at home during the covid period. Capturing the naughty acts and mischief of the 2 kids. They are in a love and hate relationship with endless fighting over toys yet long for each other to cahoots into mischievous plans and acts. Lunch and dinner is always such a big struggle for us, from fierce scolding to punishing using canes till giving in with sweet food. Everyday is such a torture to get throughRead More

A Day with Panasonic LX3

September 12, 2021 Blog, Family

I was lucky to get not 1 but 2x free Panasonic Lumix LX3 from a nice photographer who deemed this camera as useless. i wanted to give to my 2 kids and let them try out cameras when they are a bit older. so meanwhile, i get to play with it for a while. Performance It is slow. No doubt. Slow autofocus slow reaction from the moment i depressed on the shutter button to the moment when the shot isRead More

Fun at playground

December 25, 2019 Family

Fun 15mins time at the nearby playground. Love the little one to bits. Stay happy, my girl.

17 months baby Claire

September 7, 2019 Family

Photodiary of 17 months old Claire. Claire is starting to want to take control of her life and wants to make decision and wants things to go her way. We spend many days at Qiren since we signed up as member Claire was born by buying an insurance plan from them. It was very worth while as we get to use the playground and cafe for free everyday. However, since their Tampines branch closed and covid hit Singapore, we couldRead More

Day out at Botanic Gardens

August 11, 2019 Family

16 months baby Claire

August 7, 2019 Family

Photo diary of 16 months Claire. Claire learn to tiptoes and reach out for things on the table. She learns to scribble and get her first pool-dipping experience. First pool-dipping experience

15 months baby Claire

July 7, 2019 Family

Photodiary of little Claire at 15 month. Claire started to learn to shake her bon bon whenever music starts. She learn about new things daily. Dance Instructor

14 months baby Claire

June 7, 2019 Family

Photodiary of 14 month Claire. The good, the bad and the ugly of everyday life. She loves to go out. We spend many days at qiren and explore their library and cafe. Claire wants to be sayang when she suffers a fall. Wants things to go her way. Want to go out!

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