A Day with Panasonic LX3

September 12, 2021 Blog, Family
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I was lucky to get not 1 but 2x free Panasonic Lumix LX3 from a nice photographer who deemed this camera as useless. i wanted to give to my 2 kids and let them try out cameras when they are a bit older. so meanwhile, i get to play with it for a while.

Sexy Ass


It is slow. No doubt. Slow autofocus slow reaction from the moment i depressed on the shutter button to the moment when the shot is taken. Just handle it with patience, enjoy the shot.

Her Snowman


As you can see, the pictures are quite noisy, they are all taken indoor. To be honest lighting was not optimal. I configured the camera to auto ISO with a limit of 800. At 800 iso, the photos are already noisy. Well, cant expect much of this camera, it was launched back in 2008, which is more than a decade old.


After loving Fujifilm for its awesome colours, it hard for me to accept colours from other brand cameras. They always look weird and unnatural to me. Hence, all the photos here are shot in black and white mode.

Having fun banging on the table

Old but gold

I really like that it is old and i don’t need to handle it like a baby. I just left the camera on the dinner table always (not kept in the dry cabinet) and it is always within reached and i could take some pictures of my kid’s usual naughty acts at home.

Shifting the chairs everywhere
Hanging on the table trying to swing
Havin fun under the table
Messying up their clothes


I never had a camera that i bought without feeling the need to keep in the dry cabinet and treat it like a precious baby. The fact that the camera is so old and free gave me a chance to use it well and capture more. I learned to put my dry cabinet in the living room so it is more accessible and i will be able to use them more.

For now, thanks to this camera. Hope that i will capture more photos of the kids with the dry cabinet in living room. 🙂

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