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Photographer: Nikki Chan

Am i traveller? I not sure what conditions do i need to fulfil to meet this criteria. I havent been to all continents, let to say all countries. I do not encourage people to travel back to the same country. The world is so big, there might be another place out that you would love more.

I am definitely a lazy traveller. and a thrifty one. I wait for huge promos from airlines. booked one of the cheapest airbnb stay and get eat the affordable foods. One tip here to share, after you return from your trip, dont go to the money changer and cash back your foreigner currencies. Keep them for the next trip, and change it at your next destination, do you are essentially changing from foreign currency to another foreign currency, without losing twice on the exchange rate if you were change to your local currency.

This site showcases my travels and my photos. I love landscape, maybe perhaps a bit of black and white too. I don’t spend quite spend on branded bags or material stuff. I invest in travelling, because I believe knowledge is gained through exploring and discovering. You won’t grow or learn new things in your own comfort zone.  Step out and explore the world. You will find that you are naive to this complicated world.

I have only started this site somewhat 2 years ago.  I wish I had picked up photography earlier and could have snap more in my early days of travels. Nonetheless,  at least it has started.

I am thankful to have a hubby who is willing to travel the world with me. He wasn’t much of a traveller when we first met. He rarely travel and he is a homeboy. He would miss home when we are away which I kinda thinks it’s cute. I love him. 🙂

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