7D6N Tromso, Norway

This trip to Tromso, Norway is obviously to catch the Northern Lights, or also known as Aurora Borealis in Latin. It was a rather long 7D6N holiday to a small town in Norway, Tromso. Here we are sharing with you some of our itinerary, recommendations and insights of the various tours provided. Hope you would enjoy this blog.

Is that milky way beneath the northern lights?

We had previously flew to Lapland, Finland, in an attempt to catch the lights for 2 nights. Unfortunately, we weren’t so lucky, or rather, should I re-phase that we didn’t know how to see them. Hence, this round, we decided to extend the trip to 7 days in Tromso only hoping to increase our chances to see the lights.


Before the trip, we searched for local land tours that could bring us to catch the lights and there were so many of them to choose from. Some were big groups with 20-30 pax while some agencies appears to cater for a small group of 8 pax seemingly very attractive package. But these tours ain’t cheap in SGD, after conversion, it sums up to S$158 to S$233 per person per night. Below,  I will give you some idea of the differences and it’s your choice to choose.


Northern Light Experience by Ersfjordbotn

We planned for a indoor Northern Light Experience in a heated cabin offered by Ersfjordbotn. Sounds good right? Having a heated cabin to relax in while waiting patiently for the lights to show up. On the actual day itself, the tour guide, Anna, called and suggested to switch us over to the Northern Light Chase. It is a small 8 pax group to chase the lights instead of waiting at the heated cabin as the sighting and intensity of the lights is low. On top of that, she suggested to postpone the tour by 2 hours as the weather forecast that the lights will only be glowing later in the night. Gladly, we consent as our objective was really just to see the lights. The tour guide, Anna, drove us out to 1 optimal spot and we waited. She setup the campfire and served us hot drinks and food. I didn’t appreciate the smoke coming from the campfire and the raining drops from the sky, so we went hiding in the car for most of the time. There were other tour buses at the same place where we were, hence,  I reckon most of the tours travel to the same location to catch the lights. On a side note, Anna is a super enthusiastic tour guide. Every time she spotted the lights, she gets hyped-up, call us out from the car and makes everyone excited over it. Even as we were driving back to the city by the end of the tour, she spotted the lights and parked at the roadside to let us enjoy the moment more. Despite she gets to see the Northern lights every night *i believe*, she went the extra mile for us. I managed to take the northern lights using my most fave Fujifilm Xt2 with my Samyang 8mm Fisheye lens.



Northern Light tour by Arctic Guide Service

Arctic Guide Service is the cheapest Northern Light tour that has good ratings on TripAdvisor. Hence we went ahead and booked 2 nights of the Northern Light chase. We were generally quite pleased with this tour despite there were no warm overall jackets provided nor drop off at hotel. It is literally chasing the lights on the move, we spend quite a substantial amount of the time in the tour bus travelling from places to places to chase the lights. As this is a big tour group with around 30 pax, everyone is struggling to secure a good view. Many times, you will get other tour members in your camera frame. Nonetheless, we managed to catch a glimpse of the beauty for both the nights. The tour started on time and ended on time. Nothing bad about this tour, however, if you are only having 1 night to catch the lights, I would advice you to join the customised tour for 8 pax.


Chasing the Lights by Marianne

During the day, we wanted to see the magnificent fjords in Tromso. We booked the tour with Marianne Chasing the Lights. It was disappointingly raining through out the entire tour. There were no sun and the sky was gloomy. Marianne did provide professional advise to frame the shoot downwards instead of the gloomy sky.

Wild Reindeer
Wild Reindeer
View from one of the highest point in Tromso city centre








Reindeer Burger


Food in Tromso is generally not nice. I would infact say, it’s quite BAD actually. Perhaps, it’s just not suited for my taste bug. Reindeer meat is easily available every where here in Tromso. We ate reindeer almost every meal we had outside, even Pizza Hut offers Reindeer Pizza. Reindeer meat taste a little like beef. Another exotic food we tried was Whale Meat at Skarvens Biffhus. Before i get to taste, I was expecting the taste to be similar as of Shark meat. To my surprised,  it tasted like a red meat.

Reindeer Steak
Whale Meat
Only day with Sunrise from our Airbnb accommodation. It’s rare to see the sun.



Arctic Cathedral

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  1. You got some great photos, and the treat of seeing the lights. I know many people who have been there and never got to see any of the Aurora at all. As for the sun, it’s Norway, so not known for sun. A great experience, and one I have never done, despite living quite close to that country.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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