3D2N Cameron Highland, Malaysia

Cameron Highland is located at Pahang Malaysia, about 8hr bus ride away from Singapore. It was my short 3d2n getaway over the weekends. I booked a coach up from Nicoll Highway Singapore to Copthrone Cameron Highland. Naturally, I booked my stay with Copthrone Hotel. According to the signage, the hotel was officially opened in 2014, that is just mere 2 years ago. OMG. The interior looks like it is a 10 years old hotel. Nothing seriously bad about it. Just surprised. I would still recommend this hotel as it is clean, decently priced and the service of the staff are friendly, just tack slow. Be patient. The entire malaysia is slow, anyway. My room was at the main hotel building hence, i had free Wifi. If you booked those big room bungalow, then you may not receive any wifi connectivity.

Many friends asked me, did you had fun?  I won’t say I had a lot of fun, nothing specular or beyond my expectation. However, it was a decent trip and it met my expectation. As a photographer, I am happy. I managed to capture the few pictures that I set out to accomplished. I managed to snap the sunrise. I managed to get silky smooth waterfall image. I even managed to capture the milk way! I would definitely say I am satisfied.

Sunrise at Mt Brinchang
Sunrise at Mt Brinchang

I joined the local sunrise tour on Mt Brinchang with CS Travel. The 4WD picked me up at my hotel at 6am. It was a little bumpy ride if you enjoy the feeling of a 4WD. I setup my tripod and camera Fujifilm xt1 + 10-24mm f4 with my newly purposed Hadai 10 stops ND filter. It was nice. It add a dramatic feel to the clouds while the sun peeks out of behind the mountains.

Misty Forest at Mt Brinchang

A short walk on Mt Brinchang where i chanced upon this loving couple and took the shot as they walked into the misty forest.

Mt Brinchang
Tea Plantation

I always like to take pictures of the roads. Not sure why. Anyway, it was a half day tour to Mt Brinchang, Mossy Forest and Tea Plantation. and we returned back to the hotel. We ate at the nearby store, the food was not fantastic but there were crowd. I guess it was the only thing we could find within walking distance from the hotel.

Flowers by the roadside
Roadside view

Taxis is so rare here. Omg.. We couldn’t get any taxi services from the hotel and we were told to walk out and try and grab any taxi that goes along the way. Seriously? The hotel staff told us to just walk out by the roadside and try and grab a taxi? On the positive side, the scenery was quite nice, and I managed to take to the above 2 shots. However, if you happened to be in the same situation as us, please don’t be silly and wait at the hotel lobby instead. We walked down the mountain for about 30mins and still couldn’t get any taxi, we turned  climb our freaking way up and return back to the hotel and chill out at the hotel restaurant. Com’on, it’s my holiday! I want a break.


Well, I am not going to let the same thing happened the next day. I booked a taxi for the day. They charged RM$30 per hour, about SGD$10. At least I get to choose where I want to go. Ha, of cuz, it’s the Robinson Falls. It’s quite a distance away. The waterfall is actually a long one, not a high one, but a long one. But there were other tourist sitting by the rocks, washing their legs and not showing any signs of leaving. Hence, I went to the corner and anchor my territory.


This is Parit Falls, it’s a small waterfall. I bought a 2nd hand $55 Hadai 10 stops ND filter for this, to capturing of this smooth water running down and I did it. =)

We walked to the nearby market and found like everything that probably a tourist must-see. Cameron highland is famously for its Strawberry and Cactus farm, own tasty Corns and sweet potatoes.

Sweet Potato and Corns
Stall owner

Honestly, I am not much of a street photographer. I find it hard to be one. When i take up my camera and snap, I will be overwhelmed by, i guess, fear and guilt, hence, I would naturally put my camera down.


Capturing the milky way like a dream come true, when I could witness the milk way from the LCD on my camera, i was high on cloud nine. Despite that I had to stay out in the cold, wait for the passing clouds to move and constantly watching my surrounding to ensure no suspicious characters around me, in case of any potential robbery, the picture paid off. I guess this is the suffering of a photographer.

I am not quite bothered about the fact that the picture wasn’t quite well composed. In my last few overseas trips (even to europe), I had countless attempts to try and capture the milky way but all fails. I didn’t did enough research and homework before embarking on it. I didn’t know where the milk way was, i was just randomly shooting the sky. I didn’t know what other factors (e.g. the moon) that could attribute to it. Hence, my advise to those who wants to capture the milky way, do know the weather forecast and the location of the milky way before even attempt, else it may just be another fruitless trip.

2 thoughts on “3D2N Cameron Highland, Malaysia

  1. Hello there, my name is Jan and I am from Singapore. Really love all your lovely shorts. You are such a fantastic photographer ^.^ I’m considering doing a 3 day 2 night trip to Cameron Highlands flying into Ipoh on 6Jan2017 and flying out of Ipoh on Sunday, 2 late 40 ladies with a teenage son and daughter. Could you kindly share some lodging and touring itinerary with us?My friend loves nature too and I’m sure she would love to capture similar photo shots as you, though she is not a professional photographer and would just be using her mobile phone to snap the photos. Btw, where did you manage to snap the photo of the Milky Way?

    Many thanks for your kind input and hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Janice, thanks for your compliment. I have mentioned in my post on my stay, the tour i booked, as well as the places i went. Those are basically all the places i went. 🙂

      I took the milky way at the hotel, just find a dark spot at place the camera on a tripod to shoot. You need to know where the milky way is in the sky. I do not think a mobile phone can shoot the shoot the milky way cause you need to set the shutter speed to several seconds long at the widest aperture. I am not sure if mobile phone have such manual settings. If yes, you will also need tripod.

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