3D2N Ivalo, Finland

We had a fun-filling 3D2N at renown Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort at Ivalo, Finland. We booked the glass igloo stay with the resort and fortunately they provided airport transfer.


Upon check-in at the resort lobby, we were each given a wooden “luggage sledge” to push our luggage back to our glass igloo. It was a long walk from the lobby to the bed. The entire area is filled with snow, so my advice to you is follow the trail, because you never know that you will fall off the road.

Husky Ride

This is totally recommended. Call me a kid, but i loveeeee the husky ride. It was not rollercoaster fast, it was far from being fast. But it was unforgettable. There were 6 husky dogs pulling each sledge, lead by 2 female husky, followed by 2 young husky and eventually, 2 strong male husky.

Reindeer Aurora Ride

This sounds like a relative bargain! You essentially get an reindeer ride together with aurora tour! This is so wrong. This is such a disappointing tour. Because the Aurora is only visible at night or midnight when it has to be pitch black, with such weather, you can barely see the reindeers. To make things worse, there were bright moonlight and the sky was cloudy, as the results, the Aurora went hiding.


We couldnt get a good sight during reindeer ride nor did we manage to catch the Aurora. Given a chance again, i would book these tours separately. At least i get to enjoy a proper sight of the reindeers if I did not manage to see the Auroras. This is so disappointing that I dont even really want to upload any pictures of the reindeer here.

Glass igloo

The glass igloo accommodation is definitely a must try experience. Yes, there are no concrete walls. It is all transparent glass with a short curtain at the circumference . You can see your what your neighbours are doing from your own igloo. A small little toilet and sink without a bathing facility. You have to travel a bit of the distance to near the lobby for the bath room. It’s a common shared bathroom like in the army, where you get to bath with others. My personal take of this bathroom area is to have someone watching over at the entrance as it is rather dangerous as anyone can just enter. It is a signage however, one can claim that he missed the signage and enter into the female bathroom. Nothing of such has happened to me, of cuz. however, it’s just a worry in my mind constantly while i was bathing.

Generally, it was quite an good experience. I probably wont return because the world is so big. I have alot of other places to explore. 🙂

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