In this trip to Spain, we visited both Barcelona and Granada. Both cities are filled with historic buildings and culture. I love walking along the street.

Barcelona, Spain.

This is a little cafe just beside my Airbnb accommodation, on the right – Gate 48. Every sight is so beautiful. I booked a cheap stay in the city of Barcelona via Airbnb.

Once i walked through that gate 48, there is an “hole” right thru to the sky, allowing sunlight to shine thru. The lift are so damn bloody small. I recalled, it was almost impossible to fit both me and my husband and our luggages.

This is a common sight, i believe in entire Spain. Almost every little room would have a little balcony to air dry their laundry.

Sagrada Familia

The famous Sagrada Familia, the church that took almost forever to complete. I have got 2 ugly cranes there in the background. There is a park in front of the church where i could get a good shot of it. As i approach nearer, this church is simply filled with tourist. There was a long queue for the entrance fee before you could gain access into the church.

Almost every back alley looks the same. And i realise that their drainage system is designed to drain water at the centre of the pavement. The pavement always sunk in a little at the centre.

Granada, Spain.

Granada, i believe is one of the richest historical culture in Spain. I learned that it was originally a muslim territory and it was taken over by christian army and the mosques were since changed to churches. Hence, many of the churches there now still has trails of muslim mosque remains.

This view is from my AirBnb stay. I have purposely booked this unit for the magnificent view, at the expense of terrible heating and water for shower condition *do take note*. I was staying up on a hill overlooking the city centre/granada town. Awesome.

The above scene is taken as I walked down from my accommodation to the city centre. Nice rustic feel.

I love the colours they use on their buildings. so rich and lively. Every where is “walkable” by foot. you dont really need any transportation.

Carrera del Darro

This is one of the most scenic walk in Granada. One of the oldest street in Granada.


This is like a shopping street with very narrow walking space. If i recalled correctly, it was intentionally built this way to help in escaping.

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